Life Sentence for Christian Changed to Death Penalty

Judge bows to Islamist legal group’s pressure.

LAHORE, Pakistan (Morning Star News) – Ruling in favor of an Islamist legal group’s petition, the Lahore High Court on March 10 changed a sentence of life imprisonment to the death penalty for a Christian convicted of sending a blasphemous text message in 2011. The high court’s approval of an appeal for the criminal code revision […]

Another Christian Girl in Pakistan Kidnapped, Forcibly Converted

Police shielding kidnappers, keeping parents from 13-year-old, sources say. 

LAHORE, Pakistan (Morning Star News) – Johnson Masih and his wife Samina were shocked when police in Lahore, Pakistan told them their 13-year-old daughter, missing since Feb. 19, had converted to Islam and married a Muslim. A few days after registering a missing person report with police on Feb. 21, the investigating officer summoned them to […]

Christian in Pakistan Convicted of ‘Blasphemy’ Released on Bail

Appeal of Christian couple on death row again inexplicably delayed.

LAHORE, Pakistan (Morning Star News) – The Lahore High Court has released on bail a 20-year-old Christian two years after his conviction under Pakistan’s blasphemy laws for allegedly posting a sacrilegious photograph on social media, his lawyer said. Incarcerated since his arrest in 2016, Nabeel Masih became the youngest person to be charged with blasphemy in […]

Father Recovers Forcibly Converted/Married Daughter

12-year-old girl in Pakistan was found chained in home of ‘husband.’

LAHORE, Pakistan (Morning Star News) – Asif Masih beamed with joy to have his 12-year-old daughter back home on Tuesday (Feb. 16) in Faisalabad, Pakistan following her alleged kidnapping and forcible conversion and marriage to a 45-year-old Muslim. “Praise God, for He has answered our prayers and rescued my daughter,” Masih said hours after Faisalabad Session […]

Two Christians Studying Bible in Park Charged with Blasphemy

Far-right Islamist group in Pakistan enlisted to pressure police, lawyer says.

LAHORE, Pakistan (Morning Star News) – Police in Lahore, Pakistan have charged two Christians with blasphemy after Muslims objected to their Bible study in a park last weekend, the attorney for one of the accused said. Haroon Ayub Masih, 26, and friend Salamat Mansha Masih, about the same age, were studying the Bible in Lahore’s Model […]

Police Hamper Prosecution of Accused Killers, Sources Say

Officers lie, remove evidence to cripple case against Muslim suspects, attorney says.

LAHORE, Pakistan (Morning Star News) – Suspects in the killing of a young Christian man a year ago in Pakistan have been freed on bail due to police connivance and are issuing death threats to pressure relatives to drop the case, sources said. Muslim land-owners upset with farmworker Saleem Masih, 22, for “polluting” their tube-well by […]

Attacked Christian Nurse Charged with Blasphemy in Pakistan

Hospital personnel strike, badger and lock her in room.

LAHORE, Pakistan (Morning Star News) – Police in Pakistan who had dismissed accusations of blasphemy against a Christian nurse who was attacked by hospital personnel registered a case against her today after pressure from an Islamist mob, sources said. Staff members of the hospital in Karachi on Thursday (Jan. 28) slapped, beat and locked nurse Tabeeta Nazir […]

Catholic Girl, 12, Likely to Return to Muslim Abductor, Advocates Fear

Courts, police and shelter home in Pakistan subvert justice, sources say.

LAHORE, Pakistan (Morning Star News) – Advocates for a 12-year-old Catholic girl found tortured and chained in the home of a Muslim in Pakistan fear he will regain custody after she testified that she converted and wed him of her own free will, sources said. Charges of abduction and rape against 45-year-old Khizar Hayat and two […]

Muslim Supervisors Kill Two Christian Women in Pakistan

Bodies of sisters abducted in November are found.

LAHORE, Pakistan (Morning Star News) – Police in Lahore, Pakistan on Monday (Jan. 4) recovered the bodies of two Christian sisters whose Muslim supervisors pressured them to convert to Islam before killing them, sources said. Mushtaq Masih said that police informed him on Jan. 4 that officers had found the decomposed bodies of his 28-year-old wife, […]

Christian Lay Leader Arrested on Blasphemy Charges in Pakistan

Muslim mob threatens to behead him, burn homes. 

LAHORE, Pakistan (Morning Star News) – A 25-year-old Christian is in police custody in Lahore, Pakistan after he shared another person’s post critical of Islam on his Facebook page, sources said. Hundreds of Muslims converged on Raja Warris’ neighborhood in the Charar area of Lahore on the night of Dec. 26, threatening to behead the outreach […]