Jihadists Swearing Allegiance to Islamic State Kill Priest in Northern France

Attacker slits clergyman’s throat with knife.

(Morning Star News) – Two men swearing allegiance to the Islamic State (IS) killed a priest by slitting his throat during a morning Mass in a village in northern France today, according to press reports. The attackers took the Rev. Jacques Hamel, 86 (other reports said 84 and 85), hostage along with others in a […]

European Effort to Control Unofficial Religious Groups, Homeschooling Disarmed

Resolutions to ‘protect minors’ violate state neutrality on religion, parental rights, opponents say.

(Morning Star News) – Opponents of a European initiative paving the way for governments to rule on the legitimacy of religious groups and reduce homeschooling rights – thus laying the groundwork for potential persecution of Christians – won a battle this month in the Council of Europe, sources said. In Europe, where public education often […]