Muslim Soldiers Detain, Torture Christians in Sudan

Refugees stopped at checkpoint for Bible possession.

JUBA, South Sudan (Morning Star News) – Three Christians were detained and tortured for weeks in southern Sudan after soldiers at a Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) checkpoint found one of them carrying a Bible, one of the victims said. Hamza Haroon Ahmed is still recovering from injuries he suffered after SAF soldiers at a military checkpoint […]

Christian Refugee Mother from Sudan Attacked for Her Faith

Persecution by husband compounds pain of displacement.

JUBA, South Sudan (Morning Star News) – Among the 8 million people who have fled military conflict in Sudan is a mother who lost two babies to illness and was beaten for putting her faith in Christ. Fatima Adam, 41, said she still has pain in the joints and bones of the leg that her Muslim […]

Militants Detain Church Leader in Sudan, Demand Ransom

SCOC general secretary released over the weekend.

JUBA, South Sudan (Morning Star News) – The paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) on Friday (April 12) intercepted a church leader in Sudan as he was traveling out of Omdurman and temporarily jailed him, area sources said. The Rev. Antar Abbas Abu Hidia, general secretary of the Sudanese Church of Christ (SCOC), was traveling to Shendi, […]

Christian Mother from Sudan Beaten in Refugee Camp

About 2,000 displaced converts from Islam at risk of persecution, church leader says.

JUBA, South Sudan (Morning Star News) – Among the estimated 2,000 displaced Sudanese who are converts from Islam is a mother of seven children whose husband beat her upon learning of her Christian faith, sources said. Hawa Ismail Abdalla, 44, received medication for head injuries after her Muslim husband beat her on Dec. 27 at the […]

Christian Slain, Another Beaten Unconscious in Sudan

Church building set on fire in Wad Medani.

JUBA, South Sudan (Morning Star News) – Militants from the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) killed one Christian on Saturday (Jan. 20) and beat another unconscious on Monday (Jan. 22) in Omdurman, Sudan, sources said. The RSF militants, which have been fighting the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) since April 15, shot dead Hidar Al Amin at […]

Militants in Sudan Kill Christian, Set Church Building Ablaze

RSF attacking civilians in Al Jazirah state. 

JUBA, South Sudan (Morning Star News) – A Sudanese Christian 85 miles southeast of Khartoum has succumbed to his injuries after militants from the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) assaulted him, sources said. Personnel from the RSF, which has been fighting the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) since April 15, severely assaulted Karbino Bla in Wad Medani, […]

Mauritania Releases Christians Arrested after Baptism Video

Authorities tell them to worship discreetly.

(Christian Daily International) – Officials in Mauritania have released all Christians arrested after a video of a baptism ceremony in November prompted Muslims to call for their punishment, Christian leaders in the region said. The Christians do not appear to have been charged with any crime, the Christian leaders indicated. “They have been asked to […]

Mauritania Arrests Christians in Response to Muslims’ Outrage

Officials act even though there is no law against evangelization.

(Christian Daily International for Morning Star News) – Authorities in Mauritania have arrested 15 Christian leaders since late November following calls for punishment by Muslims outraged over a video showing a baptism ceremony, sources said. The families of 14 of the Christian leaders were also arrested, according to aid and advocacy group International Christian Concern […]

Christian Buildings Targeted in Military Conflict in Sudan

SPEC church structure in Omdurman left in ruins.

JUBA, South Sudan (Morning Star News) – At least two Christian buildings were bombed last week amid fighting between rival military factions in Sudan, sources said. On Wednesday (Nov. 1) a Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church (SPEC) building in Omdurman, across the Nile from Khartoum, came under heavy shelling from the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) at […]

Christians Wounded amid Military Fighting in Sudan

Gunmen storm Coptic Orthodox church in Omdurman.

JUBA, South Sudan (Morning Star News) – Among attacks on church buildings and mosques in Sudan after fighting broke out within the Sudanese military last month, a priest and other Christians were reportedly shot and injured in at least one assault with apparent anti-Christian motives. Unidentified gunmen attacked the Coptic Orthodox Church of Mar Girgis (St. […]