Court Gives Custody of Christian Girl to Alleged Kidnapper

Islam gives mental capacity more importance than age, judge rules. 

LAHORE, Pakistan (Morning Star News) – Police in Pakistan have found a 14-year-old Christian girl who was allegedly kidnapped and forced to marry and convert to Islam, but a court on Thursday (Sept. 23) rejected her family’s attempt to recover her, ruling that Islam gives mental capacity more importance than age in such cases. The Lahore […]

Islamic Extremists Charge Christian Woman with Blasphemy

Islamists invited to monitor comments in social media group.

LAHORE, Pakistan (Morning Star News) – Blasphemy charges against a Christian preacher in Pakistan were filed not with help from members of the Ahmadiyya religion but only by Islamic extremists, sources said. A source in the Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Pakistan said the complainant in the case, Shiraz Farooqi, was not a member of the Ahmadiyya, a religion with […]

Christian Boy, 14, Clinging to Life after Burn Attack in Eastern India

Hindu extremists opposed his faith.

(Update: Shortly after midnight on Sept. 26, Nitish Kumar succumbed to his injuries.) NEW DELHI, India (Morning Star News) – A 14-year-old Christian boy in eastern India is fighting for his life a month after suspected Hindu extremists threw flammable liquid on him and set him on fire, sources said. “He is very, very critical,” said […]

Muslim Gunmen in Pakistan Wound at least Four Christians

Pregnant woman said to be among those injured.

LAHORE, Pakistan (Morning Star News) – Muslims in an area of Lahore, Pakistan on Monday (Sept. 6) fired high-powered weapons at the homes of Christians, wounding a pregnant woman and at least three other people, sources said. A wounded Christian resident in the Shamsabad locality of Lahore’s Sherakot area, Asif Masih, said he heard shouts followed […]

Hard-Line Hindus Beat Christian Unconscious in Tamil Nadu, India

Neighbors attack after seeing church leader visit him.

HYDERABAD, India (Morning Star News) – A Christian in southern India’s Tamil Nadu state is in hiding after hard-line Hindu neighbors beat him unconscious with iron rods last month, sources said. Santosh Kumar, 35, left his home on Aug. 1 shortly after a church elder visited him in Kamaraj Nagar, Karur District. A Hindu neighbor who […]

Sexually Assaulted Christian Threatened with Blasphemy Charge, Rights Group Says

Muslim supervisor retaliating for accusation of misconduct, leader says.

LAHORE, Pakistan (Morning Star News) – A Muslim supervisor is threatening to file blasphemy charges against a Christian sanitation worker in Pakistan if she refuses to withdraw her sexual assault accusation against him, a human rights leader said. Salima Rani Bibi, a 50-year-old Catholic sweeper in the sanitation branch of the Khanewal Municipal Committee in Punjab […]

Pastor’s Wife, 19-Year-Old Injured in Attack on Christians

Hard-line Sikhs, Hindus use swords and wooden rods.

HYDERABAD, India (Morning Star News) – A pastor’s wife is still bed-ridden after hard-line Sikhs and Hindus broke her leg in an attack on their church last month in northern India, sources said. Carrying swords and wooden rods, the assailants also slashed the head of a church member in the attack on Christians gathered for […]

Christians Jailed after Hindus Attack Them for Visiting Widower

Two pastors and wife were comforting Hindu who lost family to COVID-19.

HYDERABAD, India (Morning Star News) – Three Christians are in jail after hard-line Hindus in northern India last week beat two of them, both pastors, and a Hindu they were comforting in the loss of his family to COVID-19. Hindu neighbors from the upper-caste Thakur community in Phoolpur, Uttar Pradesh state on Aug. 3 attacked 62-year-old […]

Missing Catholic Girl in Pakistan Depicted as Married Muslim

14-year-old disappeared on July 27.

LAHORE, Pakistan (Morning Star News) – When Gulzar Masih’s 14-year-old daughter did not return home from school in Faisalabad, Pakistan on July 27, the rickshaw driver and his brother set out to find her. Reaching the school later that afternoon, they found it was locked from the outside. They frantically searched for his daughter, Chashman, on […]

Sikhs Beat, Choke Christian Women in Northern India

Young woman still suffering symptoms of shock.

NEW DELHI (Morning Star News) – A 24-year-old Christian woman in northern India regained the ability to speak nearly a month after she went into shock from a Sikh family choking her unconscious and attacking her sister and mother, sources said. Meenu Kaur Tank remains bed-ridden, on strong medicines, sometimes continues to fall unconscious and still […]