Messianic Jewish Kibbutz in Israel Loses Appeal in Gay Wedding Party Row

Homosexual activism shutters marriage ceremony site near Jerusalem.

ISTANBUL, Turkey (Morning Star News) – A hotel’s outdoor wedding site near Jerusalem at the world’s only kibbutz for Messianic Jews remains shuttered after the kibbutz lost an appeal against a ruling calling for it to host homosexual wedding parties. Gay couples in Israel have forced the wedding hall at the Moshav (a kind of kibbutz) […]

Jews for Jesus Worker Recounts Deportation from Israel, Fights Potential Legal Precedent

Incident deeply disturbing for Messianic Jew with deep ties to country.

CAIRO, Egypt (Morning Star News) – As Barry Barnett’s plane lifted off from Tel Aviv, Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport last month, he sat torn with emotion. Over the prior two weeks the British citizen had been harassed, arrested, interrogated, locked in jail and deported from a country that he had loved deeply since childhood. Born […]

Israel Orders Deportation of Jews for Jesus Worker

Group says British volunteer their first ever to be arrested in country.

CAIRO, Egypt (Morning Star News) – An Israeli immigration judge has ordered the deportation of a Messianic Jewish man from England who was arrested last week for taking part in an evangelistic event in southern Israel. Barry Barnett, 50, a worker with Jews for Jesus UK, was ordered on Sunday (Nov. 24) to leave the country […]

Bomber of Messianic Jewish Family in Israel Imprisoned

Explosive planted in Purim gift basket nearly killed adolescent.

CAIRO, Egypt (Morning Star News) – After five years of waiting for justice, a Messianic Jewish pastor in Israel says he is satisfied with the sentence given to an ultra-Orthodox, Jewish nationalist who bombed his home and almost killed his son. U.S. émigré Jack (Yakov) Teitel, 40, was sentenced on Tuesday (April 9) to two life […]

Will We Be Their Voice?

Bill would create special envoy for religious minorities in the Middle East/South Central Asia.

(Morning Star News) – Christians worldwide just celebrated the birth of Jesus. For many in the West this was a festive season marked by worship services, gift-giving and time with family and friends. But for the church in the Middle East, fear of persecution cast a long, dark shadow over the Christmas holiday.   Oppression […]

Religious ‘Cleansing’ in the Middle East a Growing Threat

Christian communities under attack in the region.

(Morning Star News) When Iran’s holocaust-denying President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad proclaims, “Israel must be wiped off the map,” the United States rightly takes the threat of genocide seriously. President Obama, like his predecessor, is committed to preventing the eradication of the people of Israel. Conservative U.S. Christian leadership, as reflected by Christians United for Israel, has […]