Priest Attacked with Acid in Zanzibar Transferred to Dar es Salaam

(Fides News Agency) Dar es Salaam — A Catholic priest, Fr. Anselmo Mwanga’mba, was attacked with acid by unknown assailants which caused him serious injury, on the island of Zanzibar , on September 13. “The acid hit him in the face, arms and chest. Fr. Anselmo was admitted to the National Hospital in Dar Es Salaam where I am going to meet him”, said Mgr. Augustine Shao Bishop of Zanzibar, reached by telephone by Fides Agency.Fr. Mwanga’mba was assaulted by a group of men who threw acid on him in the afternoon of 13 September in the island’s capital, Stone Town, while he was coming out from an Internet coffee shop.

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