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Fulani Herdsmen Kill 36 Christians in Kaduna State, Nigeria 

Anglican bishop laments government inaction.

JOS, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – Fulani herdsmen killed 36 Christians in multiple attacks in Kaduna state, Nigeria this month with impunity, while a church leader complained that authorities arrested only Christians for defending themselves. The attacks from Aug. 4 to Saturday (Aug. 28) on Zangon Kataf, Kaura and Chikun counties took the lives of 17 […]

Kidnappings Terrorize Christians in Kaduna State, Nigeria

Nurses, pastor’s wife taken, plus mass abduction from one village.

JOS, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – Fulani herdsmen in north-central Nigeria kidnapped a pastor’s wife from her home and two nurses from a hospital, while other Islamic extremists may have joined herdsmen in abducting more than 70 people from one village, sources said. Fulaki Ozigi was kidnapped along with her husband, Mercy Place Ministry Church pastor […]

Muslim Fulani Seize Christian Villages in Kaduna State, Nigeria

Three Christians killed in late October, rights advocate says.

JOS, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – Having taken over more than 100 once predominantly Christian villages in four counties of southern Kaduna state, Nigeria, Muslim Fulani militia killed three more Christians in late October. a rights advocate said. Fulani attacks in the areas have driven 50,000 people to live with relatives or in camps for Internally […]

Pastor, 16-Year-Old Girl among 11 Christians Killed in Kaduna State, Nigeria

Muslim herdsmen displace 50,000 people as they occupy villages, rights group says.

JOS, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – A 16-year-old girl, a father of nine children and a church pastor were among 11 Christians killed by Muslim Fulani herdsmen this week in southern Kaduna state, sources said. On Tuesday (Aug. 18) in Zangon Kataf County, herdsmen attacked Unguwan Gankon village, killing a 16-year-old student, Takama Paul, and […]

Christians Killed in Kaduna State, Nigeria as Herdsmen Threaten Kidnapped Missionary

Fulanis demand either conversion to Islam or ransom for abducted pastor’s release.

JOS, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – Muslim Fulani herdsmen in Kaduna state, Nigeria attacked seven villages from May 19 to Monday (May 25), killing five Christians and destroying four church buildings, sources said. In the same state, kidnappers said they will not release a pastor abducted earlier this month until he converts to Islam or […]

Muslim Fulanis Kill Two Christians, Kidnap Two Others in Kaduna State, Nigeria 

In Plateau state, police rescue kidnapped 6-year-old girl.

JOS, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – Armed Muslim Fulanis killed two Christians in Kaduna state, Nigeria on Saturday (May 16), days after two others were kidnapped, sources said. Christians Isa Dauda and John Zaman were killed in the 8 p.m. attack on the predominantly Christian village of Ungwan Anjo, near Godogodo town in Jema’a County, […]

Christian Families Slain in Their Homes in Kaduna State, Nigeria 

Pastor, missionary kidnapped.

JOS, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – Muslim Fulani herdsmen slaughtered families in Christian areas of Nigeria on Monday (May 11), killing 17 men, women and children in Kaduna state days after a pastor and missionary were abducted, sources said. “Armed Fulani militia” struck predominantly Christian Gonan Rogo village, Kajuru County, less than 40 miles from […]

Muslim Fulani Herdsmen Kill 13 Christians, Kidnap 13 Others in Kaduna State, Nigeria 

More than 1,000 people flee their homes.

JOS, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – Muslim Fulani herdsmen killed 13 Christians and kidnapped 13 others in attacks on April 23-25 in north-central Nigeria, sources said. The attacks on five villages in the counties of Kajuru and Chikun in Kaduna state displaced more than 1,000 people from their homes. The sources said those killed were […]

Four Christians Killed in Kaduna State, Nigeria, Sources Say

Muslim Fulani herdsmen destroy at least 36 houses. 

JOS, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – Muslim Fulani herdsmen killed four Christians in Kaduna state on Sunday (April 19), a day after an Anglican priest was kidnapped in southern Nigeria, sources said. Herdsmen attacked Angwan Magaji Kamaru village, near Kamaru in Kauru County, shortly after 6:30 p.m. for two and a half hours without resistance […]

Herdsmen Kill Christian Student in Kaduna State, Pastor in Southern Nigeria, Sources Say

Couple kidnapped in attack in north-central part of country.

JOS, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – A Christian student was killed in an attack by Muslim Fulani herdsmen in Kaduna state on Thursday night (April 16), a week after a pastor was slain at his church building residence in southern Nigeria, sources said. After his college in northwest Nigeria was closed due to the new […]