Religious Rights Violations in Indonesia Expected to Continue as Elections Approach

Islamic extremists said to be preparing to close more churches.

JAKARTA, Indonesia (Morning Star News) – The average of 56 incidents of religious rights violations churches suffered annually in Indonesia over the past seven years is not expected to abate following elections next month, sources said. Jakarta Christian Communications Forum records show churches suffered 392 incidents of religious rights violations, mainly closures and attacks, from 2007 […]

Beleagured Church in Indonesia Forced Out of its Building

Threat of violence from Islamic extremist group leads to closure of newly opened facility.

LOS ANGELES (Morning Star News) – A small church in Central Java, Indonesia that has struggled for more than a decade to keep its worship facility celebrated a re-opening last month, only to see it shut before Christmas due to protests from hard-line Islamists. The 41 Christians of the rural church in Pepanthan Dermolo village, Jepara […]

Pastors in West Java, Indonesia Struggle with Church Closures

A quiet Christmas for two congregations.

WEST JAVA, Indonesia (Morning Star News) – Two days before Christmas, the Rev. Titus, a pastor in Cimahi, West Java who goes by a single name, was initially too upset to discuss the events that led to the closure of his church. The usually jovial and open pastor of Isa Almasih Church (Gereja Isa Almasih, […]

Christian Tragedy in the Muslim World

An antidote to the West's dysfunctional spin on Islam.

(Morning Star News) – Few people realize that we are today living through the largest persecution of Christians in history, worse even than the famous attacks under ancient Roman emperors like Diocletian and Nero. Estimates of the numbers of Christians under assault range from 100 million to 200 million. According to one estimate, a Christian […]

Church Closures, Demolition Spark Protest in Indonesia

Pressured by Islamists, officials crack down on Christians in West Java.

NEW DELHI (Morning Star News) – Hundreds of Christians hit the streets of Indonesia’s capital this week to urge government action after local officials demolished a church building and threatened to close others at the behest of Islamist forces. Christian protestors, joined by minority Ahmadiyya and Shia Muslims, held a shared prayer service and sang the […]

Will We Be Their Voice?

Bill would create special envoy for religious minorities in the Middle East/South Central Asia.

(Morning Star News) – Christians worldwide just celebrated the birth of Jesus. For many in the West this was a festive season marked by worship services, gift-giving and time with family and friends. But for the church in the Middle East, fear of persecution cast a long, dark shadow over the Christmas holiday.   Oppression […]

Ordinary Muslims in Indonesia Violating Rights, Study Finds

Most religious rights violations were directed at Christians in 2012.

NEW DELHI (Morning Star News) – Concerns are growing over at least 50 cases of religious freedom violations against Christians in Indonesia last year, as not only extremists but ordinary Muslims were responsible for many of the acts of intolerance and violence, according to a recent study. “Cases of intolerance against Christians remained high in the […]

Muslim Pressure Closes Church in Indonesia

Area residents persuaded to withdraw approval of building.

JAKARTA, Indonesia  (Morning Star News) – Authorities in Bandung, West Java sealed shut the worship building of an Indonesian Christian Church (Huria Kristen Indonesia, or HKI) congregation on Oct. 23 after prominent Muslims persuaded residents to withdraw their signatures of approval for it, a pastor said.   The Rev. Hari Hutagulung said that the church […]

Authorities Close Down Churches in Aceh, Indonesia

Provincial official issues veiled threat to congregations that do not comply.

NEW DELHI (Morning Star News) – At the behest of Islamist extremists, authorities in Indonesia’s Aceh Province have forbidden nine churches to worship, saying they are “illegal.” Illiza Sa’aduddin Djamal, deputy mayor of Banda Aceh, capital of Aceh Province, called pastors of nine churches and five Buddhist monasteries for a meeting on Monday (Oct. 15), said […]

Church in Indonesia Spurns Relocation Decree

GKI Yasmin congregation says federal dictate impairs rule of law.

JAKARTA, Indonesia (Morning Star News) – A church in Bogor, West Java is snubbing a ministerial decree that, because of Islamic opposition, it must relocate. The Indonesian Christian Church (GKI) in the Yasmin Park area of Bogor, 60 kilometers (38 miles) south of Jakarta, is demanding that the national and local governments comply with a Supreme […]